Dr Robert M. Ellis

  • Online tutoring at A Level and beyond in Philosophy, Critical Thinking, RS, and Politics

  • English as a Foreign Language Tuition, especially pre-university academic English tuition including critical thinking and study skills

  • Critical thinking tutoring for university admissions tests: BMAT, LNAT, TSA etc

  • Face-to-face or online objectivity training: combining philosophical and psychological expertise in cognitive errors

  • A tutor with over 20 years’ experience of teaching, and 10 years as a video conference tutor
  • Creator of Middle Way Philosophy and Objectivity Training
  • Author of 12 books, mainly on Middle Way Philosophy
  • Experienced AS/A Level teacher of Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Religious Studies, Politics and English
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy and Cambridge B.A. in Oriental and Religious Studies
  • Qualified teacher (Secondary PGCE)
  • Certificate in teaching English as a Foreign Language, and recently completed TEFL Refresher Course (2016)
  • Experience of university teaching in Philosophy and Ethics
  • A Level examining experience in Critical Thinking and Philosophy
  • Question writer for Cambridge Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)
  • Has written educational resources published by Nelson Thornes
  • Experienced distance tutor using video conferencing
  • DBS certificate
  • Listed on the Tutor Pages

Robert Ellis Berlin 2014


  • Private tuition using web conferencing wherever you live
  • Free web conference consultations
  • Can teach adults or teenagers.
  • Complete courses for individuals
  • Additional support and/or revision for students on school or college courses
  • Complete courses by web conferencing for small school sixth form groups
  • Written resources provided for each tutorial
  • Objectivity training can be delivered face-to-face or online