A Level subjects

Robert and Viryanaya each have about 20 years’ experience as A Level tutors. We can offer online tuition at AS and A Level in the subjects listed below .


Religious Studies

Government & Politics

English Language and Literature

English Language

Whole course tuition for individuals

We can work through a whole AS or A Level course with you in a timescale to suit your needs (typically one hour a week for 24 weeks). In this case you will need to sit your exams as an external candidate at a local centre, and you will be responsible for arranging your exams. We will provide you with written materials (which may need to be used in conjunction with textbooks and web materials) to work through each week in preparation for an online tutorial using web conferencing. In the tutorial we will work through and discuss what you have prepared, and also introduce the work for the following week.

We can also provide whole course tuition with more intensive teaching of up to 4 hours each week. This allows all the main content of the course to be explained directly, so is better suited to students who need more support.

Support tuition

I can also support students who are already working on an AS or A Level course at school or college and need additional help for any reason. Here we can work with materials that you already have, or we can provide further materials. This support can also take the form of an intensive revision course leading up to exams.



We are flexible with regard to A Level specifications if you have a particular reason for using one exam board rather than another.

Face-to-face tuition

Most of our A Level tutoring is done online, but we can alternatively offer face-to-face tuition if you live within the Three Counties area of the South West Midlands of England (Worcestershire, Herefordshire or Gloucestershire). Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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