The following are all comments supplied by students or their parents following courses of online tuition. They are completely unedited.


It was great to unpick what seems to be a simple problem and analyse it at a different level. The Skype sessions were challenging but very enjoyable! The tuition was very valuable, extremely easy to access and the additional work you set was plentiful in supply!

Ann Robinson (headteacher and parent of Aidan Robinson)


The lessons were interesting, inspiring and enriching. I started with the idea of preparing the LNAT, and I not only achieved that, but I also improved my thinking and writing skills. I am an Italian student, and there were no problems at all with this. Everything I did not understand was explained to me clearly. Next year I would attend Sixth Form in the United Kingdom and I feel a lot more confident after taking the lessons.

Italian student


I have been using Robert’s services to help me through four of the topics in the London University International BA in philosophy, and hope to make further use of this help in the future. For me, the purpose of a tutorial is that the tutor provides a venue for the student to talk about the development of their ideas, and for the tutor to  listen and provide unflinching criticism if needed, and support where appropriate. I have found these sessions do exactly that, and are very productive of new thinking on my part.

Graham Hackett


Planning to take A-level exams in philosophy this year I applied to Robert, and he kindly gave me a wonderful tuition course in this subject. During the time of our communication he showed himself as a tentative and calm teacher always ready to explain unclear material and support in understanding difficult information. What I liked the most was Robert’s serious approach to his duties: he used to give a full and objective feedback on my essays and controlled carefully if we sticked to the timetable of the preparation. Due to his efforts I felt ready for the exams at the end of the course.

I would like to express sincere greatfullness to Robert and recommend him as a great understanding tutor.

Anastasia Vitko


I would like to say some positive things about my tutor Robert M. Ellis. I have contacted him because I needed help with the preparation to AS A Level exams in Religious Studies.

During quite a long period of our lessons Robert impressed me with a great awareness of the subject. He could provide me with additional information not given in the course, which made the lessons interesting and precious. Also he could easily spot any of my misunderstandings and explain everything clearly.

Secondly, I would comment positively on Robert ‘s attitude to the process of preparation. It was responsible as Robert provided my every essay with detailed comments and gave useful advice on how the writing works should be made in order to satisfy the exam requirements.

So, Robert can give a good and qualified guidance for those who intend to take A Level exams. I would like to express my gratitude and respect to Robert.

Anna Vitko


I was home-studying Religious Studies AS & A2 so had no teacher support… Robert was great help in topic guidance, essay marking and general inputs about the issue.  I have achieved an A in both AS & A2 and I’m so happy! Thanks Robert

Sharada Kamble


Robert’s teaching has been very useful in my preparation for the Critical Thinking section of the BMAT paper. Some concepts of critical thinking that I wasn’t very confident with before have been explained very well by him. 

Student preparing for BMAT


I have thoroughly enjoyed the LNAT lessons.
They have widened my perception of critical thinking and enabled me to become more comfortable with LNAT.

Won Woo Lee