About tutoring for the LNAT, BMAT and TSA tests

The LNAT (Law National Admissions Test) is an admissions test used for UK university Law courses. The BMAT (Biomedical Admissions Test) is an admissions test used for the most competitive Medicine courses. The TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) is an admissions test used for certain Oxford courses. All of these admissions tests are either wholly (LNAT) are partly (BMAT and TSA) tests of Critical Thinking skills. We can provide you with tuition to help you prepare for the Critical Thinking elements of these tests. The TSA and BMAT also contain mathematical questions and the BMAT also contains scientific questions for which you will need to get help from specialists in those areas.

You can get more information and past papers for each of the tests on these links. If you are thinking of entering any of these tests and have not already done so, we would advise you to start by trying a few questions from a past paper, to get a sense of how these tests work, and of how difficult they are.




The examining bodies for all these admissions tests claim that the skills they are testing cannot be improved by tuition. For example, the TSA website states “Anyone offering a paid service to help you pass the TSA Oxford will have no more knowledge than someone who has read this website and studied past papers. So while a learner’s performance at any test will improve with some familiarisation or practice, we would not advise candidates to pay for such help.” This is an absurd position, given that the basic skills being tested are those of critical thinking (and Maths and Science in the case of the BMAT and TSA). Critical Thinking has been taught for many years at AS and A Level. There is little doubt, from the experience of an increasing number of teachers and students, that critical thinking skills can be improved by teaching: this teaching helps students to think explicitly about the processes of reasoning and test them out on a wide variety of examples.

So, whilst it is true that we, or any other tutors offering support for these tests, have no more knowledge of the tests themselves than can be gained from their websites, we can also offer much familiarity with the teaching of the critical thinking skills being tested. Improving your critical thinking skills will, of course, not guarantee that you will pass the test or gain admission to the courses you seek, but it increases the probabilities when compared with your starting point, particularly if you have never studied Critical Thinking before.

We can provide a short crash course in Critical Thinking by web conference, which helps you think more explicitly about reasoning, and also helps you develop strategies for the multiple choice critical thinking questions and for the essays in the test you are taking. The exact course can be tailored to your requirements. Here is an example of an 8 week course geared towards a student who has not studied Critical Thinking before, but is preparing for the LNAT. Each week, the student would do some preparatory work either from resources we provide or from the LNAT website.

  1. Argument structure
  2. Types and formats of argument, induction and deduction
  3. Assumptions and principles
  4. Fallacies of deduction
  5. Generalisation, causality and fallacies of induction
  6. Structuring your own arguments
  7. The LNAT multiple choice tests
  8. The LNAT essay

Our qualifications for tutoring in support of these tests

Robert has around 10 years experience as a teacher of Critical Thinking, both in a sixth form college and supporting sixth formers in schools by video conference tutoring. He has been a Critical Thinking examiner, has written and developed Critical Thinking resources published by Nelson Thornes and MB Learning, and has been a question writer for TSA.

Viryanaya has been lead teacher in Critical Thinking in a sixth form college for 13 years, during which she has developed many resources, and worked with a wide range of students preparing for university. She also has experience as a Critical Thinking examiner.

Please note that we do not offer support for the mathematical problem-solving questions in BMAT or TSA, or the scientific questions in BMAT

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