Middle Way Philosophy is the distinctive philosophical approach Robert has developed since 1997, and written about first in a Ph.D. thesis, then in other books. Inspired initially by the Buddha’s Middle Way and his experience of Buddhist practice, it was first developed as a practically-oriented solution to the problem of relativism versus absolutism in Western thought. It challenges many assumptions in the dominant forms of academic philosophy, offers a new account of objectivity and the nature of ethics, and sees philosophy as inextricably linked to psychological states that can be worked on through practice. It potentially offers a better way of understanding why spiritual, moral and scientific practice of all kinds is helpful – without appealing to dogmas such as religious beliefs or laws of nature, but rather based only on reflective experience. Its framework of practice stresses the inter-relationship between cognitive practices (such as critical thinking and objectivity training), the arts and meditation.Peril_Strait,_Alaska,_1991

I have recently been instrumental in setting up the Middle Way Society to develop, promote, and practice this approach with others. You can see more details about the philosophy and the society (including events such as retreats) on the society’s website.