Migglism: A Beginner’s Guide to Middle Way PhilosophyMigglism Cover Katja

An accessible introduction to this practical philosophical approach, combining elements from philosophy, psychology and Buddhism to provide a framework for a range of integrative practices.

“It is the mess in the middle where the interesting and creative activities occur. Robert sets out a foundation for a way of thinking.” Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Walt Disney

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Truth on the EdgeTruth on the Edge

A Brief Western Philosophy of the Middle Way. A more detailed introduction that can be a next step after ‘Migglism’. Truth is meaningful but we do not know what is true.

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Parables of the Middle WayParables of the Middle Way

Combining fiction and philosophy: 29 stories, some original and some adapted from the Buddha, Jesus or philosophers, retold or reinterpreted to reveal key aspects of the Middle Way.

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Middle Way PhilosophyMWP Omnibus

A four-volume series giving a new detailed account of the philosophy, psychology and practice. Available separately (as below) or collected as an Omnibus.

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Volume 1: The Path of Objectivity

AMiddle Way Philosophy 1 detailed account of the overall approach, including the avoidance of metaphysics, the Middle Way, justification, integration and ethics.

An important, original work, that should get the widest possible hearing.

Iain McGilchrist, author of The Master and his Emissary

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Volume 2: The Integration of DesireMiddle Way Philosophy 2

Bringing together Buddhism, psychology, philosophy and politics on how to resolve conflict both within the individual and between people.

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Volume 3: The Integration of MeaningMiddle Way Philosophy 3

The recognition that meaning is found in our bodies, and that cognitive and emotive meaning cannot be separated, has profound implications for our whole approach to language, the arts and practice.

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Volume 4: The Integration of BeliefMWP4 cover2

Draws extensively on the psychology of cognitive bias to present an account of our mistakes in thinking as absolutisations. We can address these through the practices of integration of belief.

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The Trouble with Buddhism

How the Buddhist tradition has betrayed its own insights. A critique of Buddhism using the Middle Way.

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A New Buddhist Ethics A New Buddhist Ethics

A survey of practical ethics using the Middle Way approach. A challenge to traditional Buddhist ethics.

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A Theory of Moral Objectivity

The original Ph.D. thesis: Western philosophy surveyed as eternalism and nihilism

Ellis has, amazingly, a sound understanding of all his sources, and argues carefully and masterfully throughout, with cumulative persuasiveness.

David Bastow, philosophy lecturer and external examiner of the thesis

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Theme and Variations

A piece of philosophical fiction. Kisagotami, the woman with a dead baby from a story of the Buddha, confronts philosophers through the ages with her suffering – and gets very varied responses.

Shows off not only imagination and humour, but impressively broad knowledge of western philosophy.

Dhivan Thomas Jones, author and philosophy lecturer

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North Cape

Selected poetry of a poet turned philosopher.

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