Philosophy A Level is a challenging and highly-regarded qualification that can show university admissions officers your ability to handle theory of all kinds. It is also a fascinating study that can lead you to question everything you previously took for granted, and help you to understand the underlying trends in human thought across all subjects.

Robert has a Ph.D. in Philosophy and 15 years’ experience of teaching the AQA Philosophy AS/A Level, at two different sixth form colleges and as a distance tutor. He has also been an examiner in the subject and written a full set of distance learning resources for it, published by Nelson Thornes. Viryanaya also has a degree in Philosophy and experience of teaching the AQA A Level at a sixth form college.

There is only one Philosophy specification available at A Level, which is AQA. Please go to the AQA site for up-to-date details of the specification and access to past papers.

Cambridge International Examinations also offers a Pre-U in Philosophy and Theology.

For more about the philosophical elements that can be studied in Religious Studies A Level (sometimes billed as ‘Philosophy’ by some schools and colleges) see the Religious Studies page.

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