The following talks were given by Robert, mainly on Middle Way Society Retreats.

2013 Summer Retreat Talks: These were the talks given on the retreat in 2013 at which the Middle Way Society was launched. They cover the nature of the Middle Way and its relationship to Buddhism; the integrations of desire, meaning, and belief as a basis of practice; and issues of metaphysics, science and ethics. They have been edited and broken down into relatively short YouTube videos. Click the title for index.

2014 Summer Retreat TalksThese were given on the Middle Way Society summer retreat, August 2014, on the subject of ‘The Middle Way and Cognitive Biases’, and they introduce many of the themes of Middle Way Philosophy 4: The Integration of Meaning. Each talk deals with an area of bias that can be a focus of Middle Way practice: e.g. attention, authority, responsibility, time. These talks are also edited and illustrated on YouTube, though not broken up into smaller chunks like the 2013 talks. Click the title for an index.

2015 Summer Retreat Talks: These talks and discussions from the 2015 Middle Way Society Summer Retreat, on the theme of ‘Renewing Ethics’, are available only in unedited audio form. Click the title for index.

2016 C.G. Jung Lecture, Bristol This public lecture was on the theme of Middle Way Philosophy in relation to Jung.

2008 Talk at Padmaloka Buddhist Retreat Centre: The Way of Trust This edited audio was given at Padmaloka Triratna Buddhist Retreat Centre in Feb 2008, just before Robert’s resignation from the Western (now Triratna) Buddhist Order. It contains a discussion of the nature of trust, but was directed towards a Triratna Buddhist audience so is only likely to be of interest to those with that background.