Introductory videos

Middle Way Philosophy Introductory Video Series: This series is structured by 7 top-level videos introducing Middle Way Philosophy itself, its five principles (scepticism, provisionality, incrementality, agnosticism, and integration) and ethics. Each of these top-level videos also has several subsidiary videos expanding on it (e.g. optionality as an aspect of provisionality, temporary and long-term integration as an aspect of integration). There are 23 subsidiary videos as of Jan 2019, though more may be added in future. This series has been used to create an introductory course for Middle Way Philosophy that you can follow at your own pace, watching the videos and considering reflection questions. Click the heading to access an index of these.

‘Mistakes we make in thinking’ introductory video series: This series is intended to introduce areas of bias and fallacy that can be worked with as an aspect of critical thinking practice. As of Jan 2019 there are six videos in this series, though more may be added in future. Click the heading to access an index.

Christian Middle Way Lectures: So far there are two of these, produced to accompany the launch of The Christian Middle WayThey are embedded below: