A New Buddhist Ethics

Freeing our judgement from dogma on a range of practical moral issues

‘A New Buddhist Ethics’ offers a different approach to tackling moral issues, using the Middle Way originally inspired by the Buddha. It aims to free Buddhist ethics from karma, rebirth, and the revelations of the enlightened.

Robert M. Ellis has been developing a universal philosophy of the Middle Way. Here he applies this approach to issues of practical ethics.

The Middle Way is a practical approach to ethics which avoids the delusions of either affirming or denying metaphysical beliefs. Instead, we live better by addressing conditions in our experience more fully. Practical moral issues provide a good opportunity to see this approach at work.

This book challenges established metaphysical assumptions on issues as diverse as sex, war, abortion, vegetarianism and pornography, to ask what our experience really tells us about right moral judgements, when we get beyond the dogmas.

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