Buddhism and God

Forthcoming (Mud Pie Books): A pragmatic and experiential attempt to hack through the big dogmas of ‘Buddhism’ versus ‘God’.

‘Buddhism’ and ‘God’ are both powerful ideas rooted in powerful experiences for individuals, but form the basis of conflicting religious traditions. Many Buddhists interpret Buddhism as atheistic, clearly rejecting God. Theists, for their part, reject Buddhism because they see true religion as necessarily involving God. Universalists, on the other hand, may see God and Enlightenment as ultimately the same. Who, if anyone, is right?

This book takes none of these approaches at face value, but tries to look behind the dogmatic conflicts. Which is the most helpful of the many ways of interpreting both ‘God’ and ‘Buddhism’? What human experiences do those different interpretations relate to? Success in the inquiry depends on disentangling the meanings given to words and maintaining an open attitude. It offers a pragmatic and experiential resolution of these debates in the face of the dogmas of tradition.