Middle Way Philosophy 4: The Integration of Belief

Understanding and overcoming the dogmas that disrupt our judgement

This fourth volume of the Middle Way Philosophy series uses cognitive psychology and balanced sceptical philosophy to explain both how we get stuck in dogmas, and how provisionality is possible. It is argued that we can make progress both in avoiding delusions and developing wisdom not by finding ‘truth’ or employing ‘rationality’, but rather through awareness of our assumptions. We need not ultimately true beliefs (as is often assumed), but judgements that are more adequate to each new set of conditions.

The book includes a wide survey of the cognitive biases identified by psychology, with an argument that the practically important aspect of each is an absolutising assumption that we could potentially avoid through awareness. It also includes a survey of opposed dualistic assumptions in philosophy, politics, and other areas of human thought, with explanation of how our understanding of these topics could be incrementally reframed to avoid them.

Available in paperback, and also in ebook form as part of the Omnibus Edition