Welcome to my newly updated and revised website! This domain was previously given over to tutoring, but since I have stopped doing this, I have now turned this site over entirely to publicising my books and other work. This site should serve a slightly different purpose to the Middle Way Society site. The MWS site is run by the society, which is a charity, and, although I’ve had a major input into it, it is shared with others and focused on the Middle Way in general, including society events, podcasts, and discussion. This site is merely a showcase for my personal work.

Apart from information about my books, including links and extracts, this site also gives access to my papers, and indexes book reviews, interviews, discussions, introductory videos and talks that are available elsewhere but linked from here. However, the other main purpose of this site is to provide a non-linear online version of my four-volume academic book Middle Way Philosophy. When this is fully up and running, it will enable you to engage with this text more easily at different levels of detail, using section and chapter summaries, as well as reading the full text chapter by chapter and having the ability to comment on it. At present only the section headings are up, together with the other layers only for the beginning of volume 1. But I will post further updates here when I have made more progress.

This ‘updates’ space will be mainly a place to post updates about my books or about this website. I do blog on a variety of other topics (psychology, religion, politics, the arts etc in relation to the Middle Way), but you will find these blogs on the Middle Way Society site, going back to 2013 when the society was started.

You may wonder why most of the site is in the third person. This may seem odd, but I’ve experienced a number of cases of people pasting materials I’ve created to publicise my work using the first person, without bothering to turn it into the third person. The use of the first person may be jarringly inappropriate in the new context. So I’ve used the third person to err on the side of caution in case that happens again. That means that the material on this site can be shared without being concerned about how it’s phrased.

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