‘A Systemic History’ Book Launch

‘A Systemic History of the Middle Way’ is due to be published in early June 2024 by Equinox. This third volume of the new Middle Way Philosophy series explores the conditions that make the Middle Way both possible and necessary. What is it about human biology that means we need a path of practice? How […]

Progress of the New Middle Way Philosophy Series

As of the end of 2023, two volumes of the new Middle Way Philosophy series have been published: Absolutization and The Five Principles of Middle Way Philosophy. These are the most important and central parts of the series, with the first laying out a distinctive account of the problem in human judgement – their tendency […]

Announcing the New Middle Way Philosophy Series

I’m very pleased to announce agreement with Equinox to publish a very substantially revised (more than 50% wholly new) version of my previously self-published ‘Middle Way Philosophy’ series. This will finally give full academic publication to the core work on Middle Way Philosophy that I have been developing over the last 20 years, rather than […]

Now published: ‘Red Book, Middle Way’

‘Red Book, Middle Way: How Jung Parallels the Buddha’s Quest for Human Integration’ is now published by Equinox! It’s available in paperback, hardback, and pdf, and has full-colour illustrations, mainly taken from Jung’s ‘Red Book’ itself. You can see more details on the book’s page here. Here is a video of the book launch event, […]

‘Buddhism and God’ now published

I’m pleased to announce the publication of ‘Buddhism and God: Seeking the Middle Way’ by Mud Pie books. Unlike most of my other books, this one is a short argument of only about 20,000 words. It focuses specifically on the assumptions that Buddhism and theistic religions make about each other, and how those assumptions can […]

Two new books on archetypes

I’m pleased to announce that in the past few months I’ve signed two contracts with Equinox for books on archetypes. The first is Red Book, Middle Way, which interprets the visions and insights of Jung’s Red Book in relation to the Middle Way. The second is Archetypes in Religion and Beyond, which gives a wider and fuller account of my functional theory of […]

The Thought of Sangharakshita: to be published by Equinox

I’m pleased to announce that The Thought of Sangharakshita: A Critical Evaluation is to be published by Equinox (who will already be publishing The Buddha’s Middle Way this summer). This seems to be the first time that anyone has attempted a critical evaluation of the ideas of this innovative but controversial modern Buddhist leader. Please go to this page for more details about the […]


Welcome to my newly updated and revised website! This domain was previously given over to tutoring, but since I have stopped doing this, I have now turned this site over entirely to publicising my books and other work. This site should serve a slightly different purpose to the Middle Way Society site. The MWS site […]