‘A Systemic History’ Book Launch

‘A Systemic History of the Middle Way’ is due to be published in early June 2024 by Equinox. This third volume of the new Middle Way Philosophy series explores the conditions that make the Middle Way both possible and necessary. What is it about human biology that means we need a path of practice? How does our path interact with normal human maturation and psychological development? How has the human culture through its history in some ways made our path harder, by hijacking human awareness, and in others harder, by developing practices that can help us? For more information about the book, see this page on this site, and also the publisher’s page (where you can also purchase the book – in paperback, hardbook, and e-book versions).

Robert will be hosting a Zoom book launch for this book on Mon 8th July 2024 at 7.30pm UK time (UTC+1 in summer). At this event he will give a talk to introduce the themes of the book, and answer questions from the audience. The link for this event will be given on the Middle Way Society Newsletter email, so the easiest way to access it is to sign up for the newsletter on the right of the Middle Way Society website home page. If for any reason you don’t wish to do this, you could alternatively contact Robert directly for the link.

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